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Summer adventure camps are joyful, musical, movement, arts-centered weeks in the country. These one week sessions happen in early summer for a few hours in the morning Mon-Thurs and all take place at the Roann studio. 


Dates are announced by Spring Break.
Follow our Facebook page for the earliest notification when registration opens.  


Nimble and Quick Summer Camp


The delightful language and the movement response it evokes, speak to the most active toddler as they explore walking, jumping, twisting and turning. The tales told by the nursery rhymes encourage the older children as they are developing language skills and challenge them to use their imaginations in new ways. The infant simply enjoys the sound of the music and the rhythm of the words as he/she bonds with his/her adult. 

Date: June 24-27 2024

Time: 9-10am 

Ages: 0-5


Price: $65 camp fee, $39 materials


Peggy Coppler


My Neighborhood Community Summer Camp

Introduces songs, dances, instruments, art activities to develop the Neighborhood Community theme...the magic place where we live, animals we experience, ie. rabbit, horse, robin, worm, mouse...water, nature, sunflower...

Date: June 24-27, 2024

Time: 10:30a-12p

Ages: 4-7



Price: $80 camp fee, $39 materials


Peggy Coppler

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